Rhino, The Toughest Name In Skate Parks Worldwide,

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RHINO-RAMPS is the international leader in the market for skateparkets in 18 countries and 400 skate parks.


The Rhino skatepark is found in Europe, the USA, South East Asia, the Caribbean, and even South America, and the global market is on the rise. Extreme sports are the fastest growing sport, enjoyed by millions of riders from all age groups in every corner of the globe.


With RHINO's special modular system, we can design and build all kinds of imaginative skateparks by fulfilling the wishes of both riders and local authorities.


All RHINO skateparks are designed for riders and meet the highest industrial and safety standards in the world - DIN standards.

RHINO is able to offer the quietest ramp system on the market. Professional sound level measurements show that the skate running at 10 m from the RHINO ramp is quieter than the average office space (<50Dba).


With over 34 years of production experience, certified by ISO and TÜV, RHINO offers only the highest quality, skateparks designed by CAD and designed by CNC.


The world's most respected certification body, TÜV, certifies RHINO's manufacturing and construction methods, the quality of materials and, of course, installation work.


RHINO is a member of the SPAUSA (Skate Park Association of the USA) and was awarded the Innovation Prize in 2002.


RHINO is also a member of the CEN / TC 136 / WG 12 (European Committee for Standardization) and is an advisory expert in developing the new standard for skatepark EN standards.

More than 6 years ago, the RHINO standard was introduced for the design of modules.


After years of experience, RHINO has come up with a perfect combination of driving characteristics and product durability.


The special design of the RHINO gives the driver confidence in their quest for the top.


The RHINO galvanized and stainless edge protections and edges provide low maintenance costs and longevity that public projects need in extreme vandalism and climatic conditions in every corner of the globe.


RHINO only uses the highest quality materials that can be obtained in order to build the strongest and most durable ramps.



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